If the answer isn't a loud & proud YES, its a fast no

February 27, 2024

If the answer isn't a loud & proud YES, its a fast no

Anyone else feel like life is going by like a freight train??? I know I heard that a lot as a kid, but didn't really believe it, and honestly it wouldn't really apply much to me in my adult life since I wasn't raising children through their life transitions.... but alas, life REALLY DOES move FAST!

Since starting my business in 2020, I feel like the universe is constantly throwing lessons my way - be it product related, financial, workflow, troubleshooting machines, growing pains - so many lessons and 2023 was no different. Yes, it was an amazing year for me. My biggest accomplishment came with buying and moving into my new building. The start to finish renovations of the space bringing it from dark jail cell feel to bright and comfortable. It also taught me lessons on putting up boundaries (hello, new store hours).

Have you ever found yourself saying "yes" to everything and everyone, only to realize you're spread too thin? (We've all been there, trust us.) It's time to learn the art of saying "no" and setting boundaries to take care of yourself moving forward.

Lesson 1: Not Every Opportunity is the Right Opportunity

One thing I learned is that just because I have a laser machine doesn't mean that I have to laser on everything that is asked of me. I've spent a LOT of time going through the R&D process of product development. I have crunched the numbers on what people will spend and honestly, sometimes it's just not worth carrying an item just because I can technically do it. 

You may have noticed that I have pulled several of my wood signs from the site, there is a solid reason for this. Being in my new space, there isn't room for the wood working equipment and painting booth. Wood signs are dirty - my new space is not a place for this dusty mess. So I end up needing to run to my old shop to complete a lot of the cutting and painting and some of these signs its a 2-3X back and forth before the product is completed - it honestly just isn't worth my time.

Lesson 2: Setting Boundaries is Self-Care, Not Selfish

2023 kicked my ass. I love being busy - I thrive on it.... the old mantra of 'need something done? ask a busy person to do it and it will get done' is 100% true. But throw in a month of insomnia, so many orders, my biggest year (and month - December) to date, the pressure to keep it all going out the door, not taking time for lunch breaks, 4am start times and 11pm bedtimes, this girl was TIRED and BURNED OUT! 

Enter my savior - Ashlie Seifert opened 108 Yoga in Pelican Rapids..... helping to keep me accountable in making 2024 my year for yoga, deep breaths, meditation and sound baths. Plus the studio is a quick walk from my shop, so there is no excuse why I can't get some steps and fresh air in the mix too. 

This is my reminder to you! Setting boundaries is not selfish; it's an act of self-care. (Think of it as putting on your own oxygen mask before helping others on a turbulent flight.) By establishing boundaries, you're protecting your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.

Lesson 3: Saying "No" is Empowering

I can't actually say that I feel empowered by saying no - my small town people pleaser self still feels doubts and that I am letting people down when I say no - BUT I do feel some relief off my mental load when I say no.  When you say "no" to things that don't serve you, you're making space for opportunities that truly align with your passions and priorities.

Lesson 4: Practice Makes Perfect

Learning to say "no" and set boundaries is a skill that takes practice. (Just like learning to ride a bike or perfecting your grandma's secret cookie recipe.) Be patient with yourself as you navigate this new territory, and remember, it's okay to stumble along the way.

Lesson 5: Your Well-Being Comes First

At the end of the day, your well-being should always come first. (You can't pour from an empty cup, after all.) By saying "no" when necessary and setting boundaries that protect your time and energy, you're investing in a happier, healthier future for yourself.


If the answer isn't a loud & proud YES, its a fast no. There are many shiny objects in life that offer distractions. 

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