it all began with a dream

followed by hours and hours of hard work, blood, sweat and tears / rinse and repeat

lana's leap of faith

My story isn't special or different or unique, but it's mine, and I am proud to share it. It started with a vision of creating a workplace with a strong culture and inspiring vibe - a place where everyone in the building, no matter what department or roll, is an equal contributor and we all row together because we all see we are going the same direction in the same boat. It doesn’t matter what department you’re in; it doesn’t matter if you’re an owner or employee. I wanted to create this feeling of unity and synergy and comfort; a place where creatives could collaborate, grow and thrive together.

When I first envisioned this future, I saw people and felt the heartbeat of the business, but I didn't have a clear focus on the specifics. Was it design-based focusing on branding and marketing and websites? Was it product-based that was more of a boutique retail space? Was it neither - was it both?

hillbilly laser

the perfect balance of chic design and handmade products

custom laser products

if you can imagine it, we can do it

a few of my favorite things

Relaxing on the Pontoon / Waking up early to enjoy a cup of coffee & read a book in total silence / Motorcycle Rides / Car Wash Sunday / IPAs & brew-hopping / Organization / Old Country Music / Podcasts / Snowboarding / Baby Calves / Date Nights / Drinking Wine by my Fire Pit / Self Care Rituals / Goat Yoga

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surrender to what is.
let go of what was.
have faith in what will be.

I'm a graphic designer by trade with a broad range of work history and skills; I also have a hard time sitting still and need to keep my hands busy doing something. My previous employer had purchased an Epilog laser and I was immediately hooked - the capabilities of what it can do is limited only by imagination. I immediately went to Pinterest to brainstorm anything and everything that can be cut and etched on Felix (that's my machine, Felix the Helix). I think that I offer the best of all worlds by combining my creative skills as a graphic artist, my technical aptitude for mentally constructing products, along with the craft of working with my hands. 

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my super powers

Please know... I am too modest to toot my own horn, but I feel like I need to share this with you. I recently went through Marie Forleo's B-School and one lesson was she had us reach out to several people to find out what our super powers are. We are our own worst critic (obviously, right!) so I asked a dozen or so friends and colleagues about what they thought were mine. You guys - if you ever need a boost of confidence - do this exercise! You don't have to take my word for it, listen to the people that I have worked with and that hold me to my highest standards.
Hardworking / Creative / Passionate / Driven / Accountable / Dependable / Fearless / High Integrity / Energetic / Tenacious / Focused / Honest / Thirsty (I like IPAs, but I think she was talking about being eager) / Kickass at launching and driving a pontoon (she circled back around to this one with a 'fearless' label, but with emphasis that she was genuinely impressed that I was such a competent aquatic navigator) - INSERT FIST PUMP

According to my personality profile, I am a mix of Mystique and Innovation - making me a "Secret Weapon". Characteristics include: being nimble / unassuming / independent

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the cutest helper in training

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all hands on deck

When you pop into the shop at Hillbilly Laser, you will quickly see how my sister and I sort of  took over my dads shop. By sort of, I mean, nearly completely - oops - sorry dad!  She's a photographer, so it's very convenient to talk her into snapping product photos - her backdrops, props and amazing lights come in handy. Most days you'll also see my mom staining wood for orders or assembling signs and my dad doing whatever needs to get done. There's probably old country on the speakers and I might even hum a bit when Dolly and Kenny take their turn on Pandora. 

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