FrostBuddy - Universal Beverage Holder

Are you a drink hopper.... in other words, you jump from regular can to slim can to bottle to slim can... can't quite make up your mind? And what's worse - you have to bring a beverage holder with for ALL your drinks??

NOT ANY MORE! These amazing Frost Buddy® Universal Can Holder solve all your issues.... can wise anyway... they took the internet’s hottest can cooler and made it better!! For all of your favorite 12OZ CANS, SLIM CANS, BOTTLES, AND 16OZ CANS & BOTTLES! You truly never have to switch can coolers. Bring your Universal FrostBuddy anywhere and you’ll have every drink covered and cold til the last drop! Whether you’re camping, grilling out, on the beach, or relaxing for the night, it’s better with a buddy!

Laser your preferred graphic on them so you can always tell your kickass drink apart from the crowd. Graphics are absolutely 100% personalized to what YOU want at no additional cost!

If you're interested in ordering over 15 quantity, please email to get a custom quote.