Credit Card Bottle Opener

True Story: We were in Mexico on vacation with friends, one of those friends was drinking out of a sweet-ass custom YETI (compliments of yours truly) and a random lady walked up to our table and the conversation went like this....

Strange Lady: "Hey, that's a sweet-ass custom YETI! Where'd you get it?" (I shit you not)
My Friend: "Um, thanks, my friend made it. She's sitting right here!" (Points to me)
Beverly (Strange Lady now has a name): "That's awesome. Do you sell them?"
Me: "Yes, I do! I'm starting a business, so my site isn't launched yet, but I can give you a card" (This is when I remember that I only have my small purse with cash and ID - no business cards - UGH! WHY!!! Mental note: remember to ALWAYS CARRY CARDS!)
My Friend: Reaches into his wallet and hands her the stainless business card size bottle opener that he carries with him everywhere (WHEW! Thanks Jason for bailing me out of this mess)
Beverly: "Sweet! Thanks! I'll give you a call"

We had some beverages together and took a half hour to say good-bye to our new friends we made in Mexico. Moral of the story! You are always advertising and you NEVER know when you'll hand one out!

I'm sure you have questions: Yes, she emailed me. Yes, I gave Jason a replacement opener for his wallet. Yes, this is based on a true story (some dialog may have been embellished)

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