Retractable S'more Skewers

I remember as a kid, dad would send us into the woods to find the longest, straightest stick we could find so he could carve the end into a sharp point.... I think he did this more to get us out of the adults hair for a bit.... regardless, kids now-a-days just won't know the fun of digging in the woods. 

These handy retractable skewers start at 11" and extend to 32" making them the just right size to throw in with the towels and beach supplies to end your day of fun with a s'more or hotdog over an open flame. Custom lasered on the wood handle so you know you always get the same skewer back. 

For customization, put the names in the text box on the order form. If you want a specific color, note that next to the name... if you don't care about color, just leave it blank