Herb Markers - Lettuce Grow Farmstand®

I am a sucker for Facebook ads and my latest purchase did NOT disappoint. I bought a Lettuce Grow Farmstand®... let me start by saying that, yes, I live in the country and could plant my own garden in the ground... been there / done that / killed it all. So, when I saw the ad for this Olaf-from-frozen lookalike, I knew I had to give it a try. 

As I'm typing this, I am three weeks in and my greens are thriving! I can't wait to munch on my harvest for a fresh, healthy lunch - AND, the best part - I know what I'll be eating!!!! WHOOP WHOOP!

Personalize with your choice of font & herb preference and measure approx 1" x 7" and fit perfectly in the standard Lettuce Grow® pods.